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  1. Laith Hamid: Attribute-Based Instumental Assessment of Speech Quality, September 2009
  2. Martin Tran: Feasibility Study of the Use of the Fujisaki-Model within Voice Conversion, Januar 2009
  3. Inese Sadovska: Analysis of objective and subjective differences between enhanced noisy wideband and narrowband speech, Dezember 2006
  4. Sutee-Orn Supanichvorapart: ECG-Analysis with Wavelets for Detecting Sleep Stages, November 2006
  5. Srinivasarao Kurra: Study of the Text-to-Speech system Festival in respect to the prosodic algorithm, November 2006
  6. Lu Huo: Study of Speech-Quality Relevant Dimensions, Especially Regarding "Frequency Content", Januar 2006
  7. Hasan Ogulcan Kaya: Entwicklung eines Interferenzgenerators für Kfz-Radargeräte im 77GHZ-Bereich, Dezember 2005
  8. Muthurman Muthuraman:Time-Delay Analysis in Complex Cortical Networks, Dezember 2005
  9. Zhenming Zhou: Investigation of Algorithms for Off-line Speaker Transformation, November 2005.
  10. Taras Pasechniks: Speaker Separation for Speaker Recognition, Februar 2005.
  11. Orhan Tugrul: Realisation and Investigation of the ETSI-Standard AMR and AMR-Wideband Speech-Coding Systems, Dezember 2004.
  12. Ramasamy Kannan: Bit-Interleaved Source-Channel Coded Modulation, November 2004.
  13. Deepa Janardhanan: Robust Decoding of Noisy Compressed Image Data Using a Markov Random Field Source Model, November 2003.

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